Raptors sound fix Raptors sound fix Basic fix to the raptors sounds from Birbwalker's mod ( ). Requires OAR and Behavior Data Injector. I haven't managed to properly replace the barks and breathing sound they make when running, so for now they don't make a sound instead (not intended). If that bothers you, you can remove : - idlecombat2.hkx - idlecombat_barkrun.hkx - runforward.hkx - runforwardl.hkx - runforwardr.hkx from the file. That's all. Might be uploaded to the nexus page too, Birbwalker will decide for that, but i'm putting it there first. Either way the file's gonne be the same.

Teddy Bear Shield Teddy Bear Shield Available in black bear or brown bear shield. This mod was created by RIP88 and I ported over to SE.     Adds a Teddy Bear Shield to your inventory that you can use or give to any NPC. The first time you load into the game after install, you will receive "1 Teddy Bear Shield"   Craftable.   You can forge more under "Hide", requires 1 bear pelt and 5 tundra cotton   Both ESL and ESP versions contain 1 Teddy Bear to start with. It's automatic and in your inventory.   Seems to be safe to drop them on the ground. Drop on your bed, kids room if you have a house.   Have fun!      

Alexa Standalone Follower

Image Alexa Standalone Follower A 1H, 2H, Dual sword archer vixen that has no time to play around. She has only one thing in mind. Eliminate the enemy.     Alexa   I'll make the pain go away! 😄   If you like a hot looking woman, then this mod is for you.       A quick mod just because.   For the records, did you know I made the preset in less than 20 minutes? Bragging rights!   Location: Old Hroldan Inn (See last pic)   CBBE and UNPB ESL flagged   ESP option (One of the main files is still required.)   Check her inventory, give, take, she can do 1H, 2H, dual wield, sword and shield, archery.   *Be sure to take away her default hunting bow*   Default equipment is ebony dual wield swords and archer with 5000 ebony arrows.   Untested. I'm lazy.   What are you waiting for? Download this gem!            

Button Adoptable Child

Image Button Adoptable Child The adopted daughter of a cruel farmer and his wife. Now a scared runaway in Skyrim. ESL and ESP options.     Button The day the sun came up and darkness followed   Open Scene 1: The farm house, morning hours   Man and wife sitting at the kitchen table.   Husband: "I've had it! I sent her out to do a simple job and what does she do? Trips and falls, spilling all the milk."   Wife: "It's not her fault. She's only a child. If you wanted milk, you could have done it yourself."   Husband: "This is the fourth time this month. She's worthless, you know damn well I wanted and son, and what do you bring me?"   Button was listening in the next room and could hear everything. She knew her step father was angry, but never heard him like this before.   Wife: "STOP IT! We adopted Button because I thought she was special. She's an innocent child."   Husband: "Damn it,

Zouk Summon Zouk Summon An old model i ported some time back. Not a creature, but I thought it looked nice. Has a bodyslide file, with better poly count without being stupidly high like I usually do . Uses a sword, shield, and can cast a single spell in theory. Uses a (standalone) human skeleton, so animation mods will apply to her too. Get the spell with AIM like usual. Oh and the tail has some physics. Espfe plugin.

Fall of the Space Core - Volume 1 (SkyrimAE updated) Fall of the Space Core - Volume 1 (SkyrimAE updated) This is a conversion of the mod originally uploaded by TheInvicibleFloridaMan (URL: )   However, the mod was still in Form 40 which was a very old format (Skyrim Legendary Edition is in Form 43) and thus, I decided to update it so it will work with both Special and Anniversary editions.   The mod has been converted to Form 44 and its meshes have been updated as well. Its was compacted to ESL so it will not use an ESP slot and was also packaged as BSA.   The mod has already been tested with the latest version of Skyrim (version 1.6.640 as of September 19, 2023).   Where to find: The Space Core (i.e. Wheatley from Portal 2) can be found in the ruined house just past the Western Watch Tower in Whiterun (i.e. the tower where you fought the dragon Mirmulnir during the Dragon Rising quest.)   What it does: The Space Core can b

Pre Vis Fix

Image Pre Vis Fix I've had this mod done for a long time and have tested it pretty thoroughly in my live streams. If you find any spots where this mod does not cover in the Commonwealth, take screen shots and a map screenshot and let me know so I can update   What this does:   This mod repairs the PreVis in Boston and many other areas which may be broken because of adding mods which add models into the world space. For instance when you see disappearing walls, ground, etc when you are in Boston. For example the mod Fusion City Rising (and its addons) are great mods but it breaks the PreVis in many places. For example the entrance to Diamond City.   What this mod does not do: It does NOT fix the Pre-Combines anywhere in the World Space. It Only fixes the Pre Vis. Load Order: It should come dead last in both your Mod Order and Plugin List so that it overwrites any changes made by other mods.  Here's an image of my Mod Organizer 2 showing where I ha