[JF] Custom Hairs - Dutch Braids - 4 styles

Image [JF] Custom Hairs - Dutch Braids - 4 styles   Commission mod for Princess Dionysus as per request. 4 custom hairs for ELVEN race to match vanilla flow.   Dutch Braids with either a bow or ribbon. 2 hairstyles, 2 accessories, for a total of 4 new hairs.   She wanted to share this, so I'm posting in her behalf.    

[JF] Project Clara - Fully Voiced, Custom Framework - 3BA

Image [JF] Project Clara - Fully Voiced, Custom Framework - 3BA   Clara has over     130     lines of custom voiced dialogue from a REAL person!     She can be found at The Sleeping Giant Inn, plotting somehow to kill Delphine.   -Fully Standalone. NO OTHER MODS REQUIRED. -She sings 3 custom songs upon request. -2 mashed up outfits and her own weapon. -Quest aware, locational, weather aware, and full follower functions dialogue. This was a commission mod made for Verllos on my discord server. Be sure to swing by and say thank you to him for her amazing self! 

Ryvven the Twin

Image Ryvven the Twin If people didnt want to use him as a replacer or like the idea of having a Twin Brother for Brynjolf this here is Ryvven the Twin. thieves guild faction, dummy faction. basically the same in appearance as brynjolf but equipped with ebony weapons and a more customized class and beefier stats. higher level cap so will level with you all the way. and is a melee dual wield specialist. high stealth, light armor and is good with any one handed weapon and any bow. comes with the standard thief armor but if you want to upgrade his armor use a good outfit replacer mod and beef him up a tad. his weapons of course just improve them. he will scale really well. Brynjolf was a good voice for th character so i went ahead and gave him the same voice on this character.  ragged flaggen location HPH and smp hair. bodyslide for hair just like the replacer and uses default meshes and textures.    Have fun storming the castle  

Shadow Mermaid New Animations Shadow Mermaid New Animations Some new animations for the Shadow Mermaid  mod I released. They require DAR to work. The goal is to put more emphasis on the tail's movement, contrary to the flame atronach's base animation. I'm kinda slow at this but more will be added eventually, and I'll improve the ones in BETA too.   Yeah and I'll add more gifs too...

Brynjolph HPH Replacer

Image Brynjolph HPH Replacer Everybody's favorite rogue smooth talker Brynjolph gets a swarthy makeover for gits and shiggles. this is just a general replacer and i do at some point intend on making a standalone follower version i just simply am a lil caught up atm. have fun robbing the lands of skyrim blind fellow rogues   besides hair and eyes and mouth i've set him up to use all other default assets so he will use whatever meshes you use and whatever textures you use.   

DavesMods - Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey NoCrime DavesMods - Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey NoCrime Dead-simple script tweak to remove the crime/bounty part of Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey. Let it override/overwrite Hunterborn - Forbidden Prey's script.   I suggest using with Hunterborn MCM , absolutely not necessary though.

Susaena SE Standalone Follower

Image Susaena SE Standalone Follower An adventure, a mystery, deception and danger. CBBE, UNPB. Essential, nord. Can be married.     Susaena   *Winky*   The lie and the sorcerers web of deception.       It all started when Susaena , ( Winky ), discovered that the armor she worked on for months creating at the forge was missing. For that matter, so was the chest that she had stored it in.   Her mother denied anything to do with it. Much talk had come up about joining in the war lately that Winky suspected someone must have stolen it to sell for the war effort. What thief could it be? Where did he go? Why me and how did he know I had armor?   Susaena went to the Winking Skeever and jotted down a note and left it on the bar table. Determined to get her armor back from whomever stole it, left Solitude, and began a journey that would eventually enslave her as she followed strange footprints that faded into obscurity caused by her own mental blindness.